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How long does it take to process my withdrawal?

Most transactions will be in real time and take effect immediately. This means that they will appear as soon as you confirm them. Transactions that require manual intervention will not appear instantly. These transactions will appear in 3-5 business days.

What is the maximum/minimum I can withdraw?

There are no withdrawal maximums, however some transactions may take longer to process where the amount is high. Refer to your PDS for your product rules on withdrawal minimums.


Is there a difference between doing a switch online or via form?

All switches received whether it be by form or online will be processed effective of the date of receipt – so long as the request is received by 3pm (Sydney time) that day the switch will be processed with the effective date of that day. Where it is received after 3pm (Sydney time) the following days unit pricing will be used.

Exceptions to this are cash transaction and cash management accounts which have a 11am (Sydney time) cut off.

What is the cut off time for online switch requests?

3pm (Sydney time) except for cash transaction and cash management funds which are cut off at 11am (Sydney time).


What is the difference between non-binding and binding beneficiary nomination?

A non-binding nomination is simply your recommendation to the Trustee as to whom it may pay your superannuation benefit. It is not binding on the Trustee, and the Trustee will use discretion when determining who to pay benefits to. Binding beneficiary nominations are valid for three years after it is signed. Adding a binding beneficiary nomination will replace all existing nominations (except reversionary nominations where applicable). Binding nominations must be mailed back to Perpetual, please find more instructions on the form.

Will my Adviser be able to update my bank account details?

If your Adviser has been authorised transacting access on your account, then yes, the Adviser can add additional bank accounts to your account.


Once I update my investment strategy will that take effect immediately?

Investment strategy will take effect immediately for all future investments allocation for any additional investments made after the date the investment strategy has been elected.

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