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Interim transacting process

Interim transacting process

Monday October 30, 2023

myPerpetual is now accessible with limited functionality. Currently, myPerpetual does not support online transactions.

Full access remains impacted by the IT security incident, and we are continuing to work on restoring functionality. We are communicating directly to clients as we extend access to myPerpetual. For more information on the functionality available, please visit this page.

This page provides information for clients seeking to access information about their account and/or submit transactions.

How can I check my account details?

While access to myPerpetual is currently limited you can still access information about your account. If you require additional information about your account contact Perpetual Client Services on 1800 022 033.

How can I transact on my account?

While access to myPerpetual is currently limited, we are still accepting transaction requests via post, email or BPAY. Please see the options available to transact on your account below.

How can I access my end-of-year statements?

End of year statements are available in myPerpetual for investors and advisers. myStatements will no longer be accessible from Friday 8 December, 2023, and clients should go directly to myPerpetual for statements.

Dealer Group - Member Advice Statements

Access to the Dealer Group Adviser Fee reports is now restored, including all historical reports. These are now available in myPerpetual.

Transaction method

How can I update my details?

Please complete the relevant change of instructions form found on our website at the below links.

If you are an individual or joint account holder, you can also contact Perpetual Client Services on 1800 022 033, to update your details via phone. All other entities will be required to complete the relevant forms found at the links above.

Note, due to the extended outage, any detail changes will not be reflected on your account until our services are fully restored.

Please send to your completed form via email or post to:



Reply Paid 4171, Perpetual Investments
GPO Box 4171, Sydney, NSW 2001, Australia

Where can I find my statement?

Unfortunately we are unable to provide statements at this point in time. The outage is affecting all statements, including: transaction confirmations, annual statements, tax statements, Centrelink schedules, and distribution statements.

If you require a statement, contact Perpetual Client Services on 1800 022 033 to raise a request, and we will provide you with your requested statement when normal operations are restored.

I transact through a platform. How will the outage affect my transactions and accounts?

Perpetual continues to accept transactions submitted via platforms and other Investor Directed Portfolio Services. Please note, due to the outage all transactions received are queued for processing and will be processed in due course with the unit price for the effective date of receipt.

We continue to calculate unit prices and provide these to the market. Your platform provider will be able to provide you with more details on your current holding, its valuation, and the status of any trades you have submitted.

If you have any enquiries please contact our team:

For Perpetual Asset Management products and services, including WealthFocus and your investments:

Phone: 1800 022 033

Email: investments@perpetual.com.au


For Wealth Management, Financial Advice and Personal Trustee Services:

Phone: 1800 631 381

Email: perpetualprivate@perpetual.com.au


If you would like to make a complaint, please visit our Making a Complaint page