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Unit pricing: The price at which units are issued is calculated by reference to Unit Pricing policy.

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From 1 July 2017, if you are a member in a Transition to Retirement pension, the performance and unit prices in the Superannuation options will apply to you. For historical prices refer to the Account Based Pension investment options.


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Perpetual MySuper Balanced Growth Fund



Superannuation Investment via Perpetual MySuper

Investment Objective

To provide investors with long term capital growth and income through investment in a diversified portfolio with an emphasis on Australian and international share investments - To provide a total return of 3% per annum above inflation over rolling 10 year periods, net of investment fees, superannuation fund taxes and administration fees

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* This is a guide only and not a recommendation. The investment timeframes are provided by each of the relevant investment managers, which is why they may differ between similar funds managed by different investment managers. You should discuss your investment in the fund(s) with your financial adviser to ensure that it meets your needs.

All figures and amounts displayed on this website are in Australian dollars. All unit prices are historical figures based on our most recent valuations. As pricing frequencies and valuation methodologies differ for the various types of assets, the unit prices shown may not be current and, therefore, you shouldn’t rely on them as the basis for trading investments in your account.

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