What I'd buy in a market crash

Anthony Aboud

Anthony Aboud

Portfolio Manager
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The Rules of Investing Podcast: Anthony Aboud sits down with Livewire's Patrick Poke and shares two companies that he’d love to buy the next time stocks go on sale. (Listening time: 51 min)

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Time stamps:

2:12 – An early investing experience that shaped the way Anthony thinks

6:58 – A shocking prediction made at Livewire Live

11:46 – How to position yourself in the expensive market we currently live in

16:00 – Anthony’s high conviction in CBA

19:54 – Why Return on Equity on mortgages is high in Australia

21:48 – Xero and Afterpay - the risks associated with high multiple stocks

31:57 – Characteristics of a short and an example of one

38:00 – The companies Anthony’s most excited for reporting season

42:26 – An expensive company Anthony would like to own in a sell-off

44:42 – Anthony answers our 3 favourite questions

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