Sustainability in Securitisation 2021


Perpetual Corporate Trust

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Demand for sustainable investments, accelerated by COVID-19, is driving record inflows for the sector. As more investors turn to sustainable investing, the securitisation industry is also evolving, with new products being created to meet the demand.

This year, Perpetual Corporate Trust and the Australian Securitisation Forum have collaborated with securitisation industry participants to create a picture of how the industry is changing, and the challenges that are faced along the way.

Sharing the insights from nearly securitisation industry experts, our comprehensive report looks at:

  • How ‘Environmental’ and ‘Social’ is now as important as ‘Governance’ when making investing decisions.
  • The increasing risk of ‘doing nothing’.
  • The challenges participants face creating green assets.
  • Why lack of standards and accreditation is creating uncertainty.
  • How Big Data – from capture to analysis – is driving demand for new skills.

Find out more in Sustainability in Securitisation 2021 an Australian Securitisation Forum / Perpetual Report.

Sustainability in Securitisation 2021

Explore how the industry is changing, and the environmental and social challenges that are faced along the way, plus more.

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