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We interview Neil Murchie, Chief Investment Officer of Athena Home Loans about how they use Perpetual Business Intelligence platform to inform their digital mortgage lending operations.


Q: Tell us about your business?

Athena is a start-up digital mortgage lender. We began our operations about two and half years ago; looking to bring a fully integrated digital and direct proposition to the Australian mortgage market. Most of our customers are very focused on a value-led strategy and we’re very conscious of helping them pay their home loans off faster.


Q: How does Athena use business intelligence?

Athena uses Business Intelligence to analyse the loans in our book for a number of purposes.  The insights generated help us comply with international financial reporting standards (IFRS 9) around credit losses, illustrate how we compare with the lenders that have been around for a much longer period, and even feed into our marketing strategies.

We were interested in accessing Perpetual’s vast data set of securitisation history to inform our strategy, analytics and modelling capability. We’ve used Business Intelligence to test some initial hypotheses that we had for our business, and also to get timely and detailed feedback around credit losses for a range of ongoing reporting requirements.


Q: Why is investing in digital systems important for your business?

The main benefit for us of investing in digital is to streamline our entire business – from the initial customer experience right through to dealing with wholesale funders.  Using Business Intelligence – in an entirely digital environment – has highlighted opportunities to reduce errors and re-work, which ultimately flows through to better quality data and a better customer experience.


Q: Why did you choose Perpetual Corporate Trust?

We chose to partner with Perpetual because of their subject matter expertise, strong brand and reputation. A long history in the Australian industry meant there was real capability with the business intelligence platform; we liked the way they engaged with us as a start-up operation and it just felt like a natural fit for us as a cloud-based entity to deal with a cloud-based platform.


Q: Did we deliver on your expectations?

I had some preconceived ideas around what Perpetual would bring to the table; I expected subject matter expertise, a rigorous approach and a client focus. Pleasingly, we got all those things – but also with a terrific level of responsiveness that we did not expect.  

The team at Perpetual are highly responsive to our questions and we’ve been able to run several customised scenarios that feed into our strategic planning and analytics. This is important as business intelligence is becoming a key part of our business at Athena.


Q: What’s next for Athena?

We use Perpetual for several different corporate trust services, and we’re currently in discussions about how we can move forward into treasury solutions.  As Athena matures and scales in the Australian market, we see a natural fit with Perpetual’s scalable offer of various corporate trust services.



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Built on the foundation of 20 years of mortgage data, Perpetual Business Intelligence gives you the scale and capability to more effectively manage your business, financial and regulatory reporting needs. By providing the most accurate insight into your mortgage portfolio, while enabling you to benchmark your lending book against the Australian market, Perpetual Business Intelligence drives better reporting and analysis that can ultimately underpin crucial decision making.



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