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We are pleased to announce that we have extended our successful relationship with the Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society (Stanford PACS) until 2021. The partnership will give non-profits and philanthropists in Australia access to world-class research and thinking from globally recognised experts at Stanford PACS.

Stanford PACS develops and shares knowledge to improve philanthropy, strengthen civil society and effect social change.

Broadly, the purpose of this partnership is to raise awareness of the risks, challenges and opportunities for NFPs within Australia.

“By combining Perpetual’s deep knowledge of the local market with Stanford PACS global thought leadership, we will continue to share learnings and help NFPs to put theory into practice, and solve real-world business problems,” said Caitriona Fay, Perpetual’s General Manager for Community & Social Investment.

What successful philanthropy looks like

One of the highlights of the partnership is a visit in August from Stanford PACS experts for a series of events and workshops. Paul Brest, faculty co-director at Stanford PACS and former Dean and Professor Emeritus (active) at the Stanford Law School, will be leading a series of workshops and public discussions on philanthropy during the visit.

Paul’s new book Money Well Spent: A Strategic Plan for Smart Philanthropy is an award-winning guide for philanthropists on how to structure their giving. Paul will share his strategic thinking on how philanthropists can maximise the impact of their giving as well as the role philanthropy should play in driving social and environmental change.

Why philanthropy is failing democracy

Rob Reich, faculty co-director at Stanford PACS will also be visiting Australia to talk about the themes in his new book – Just Giving: Why philanthropy is failing democracy and how it can do better. Rob will share his insights on the ethical and political implications of philanthropy and how giving can better support democratic values and promote justice.

Thought leadership for Australia’s non-profit sector

This partnership will see the sponsorship of 10 CEOs from across Australia to spend time in Palo Alto, California at Stanford’s Non-Profit Management Institute.

“We’re delighted we can provide this remarkable opportunity to a further 10 CEOs this year. The exchange of experience and ideas for the benefit of Australia’s non-profit sector is a key benefit of this partnership with Stanford PACS. This is just one of many ways in which Perpetual and Stanford PACS will work together for the benefit of civil society over coming years,” said Caitriona.

Join us for an evening with Stanford PACS

As part of Stanford PACS visit, we will be hosting public salons in the evening of Thursday 1 August in Sydney and Tuesday 6 August in Melbourne.

These sessions are designed for senior NFP professionals and the philanthropy community. They will feature a dynamic Q&A between Caitriona Fay and Paul Brest exploring approaches to strategic giving, challenges facing the philanthropic sector and the role philanthropy should be playing in driving great social and environmental change globally.

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