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We recently sat down with to unpack how 2022 and beyond shapes up for some of the most discussed and desirable asset classes in wealth.

This includes the trends advisers see in the sought-after Active ETF market and how advisers and clients can gain accessible and affordable allocation to not just ESG related initiatives, but also some of the most budding innovation themes we see right now.

We also expand on how we are positioned to launch more than 130 years of expertise into the Active ETF market.

What else you’ll gain by watching:

  • Unlock knowledge on the current sentiment for Active ETF’s as we break down your feedback in an exclusive report backed by advisers.
  • Discover trends, behaviours and key patterns summarised in the report for the outlook of the active ETF landscape.
  • Gain informative access to a range of sought-after investment themes from ESG to innovation, powered by Perpetual’s long-standing excellence and heritage in the wealth management market.
  • Arm your clients with up to date and relevant data on current market sentiments, that are curated to be delivered in a clear and concise environment.
  • Learn how advisers can position and adapt client’s portfolios to offer affordability in cutting edge assets that impact the world for change in a diversified setting.


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