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The Perpetual Geared Australian Share Fund is an actively managed portfolio offering higher potential returns through gearing (borrowing within the fund). With broad market exposure, it aims to provide long-term capital growth and regular income.

At Perpetual, we seek quality companies with sound management, conservative debt levels, recurring earnings and a quality business model. We only invest in a company when we believe its share price is attractive relative to its return potential.

While all geared investments increase the impact of volatility, the geared fund’s benefits include: no margin calls, no credit checks and no need for collateral or assets as security.

Features and Benefits

  • Proven value-investing approach

    We invest in quality companies that are undervalued, believing this approach can generate good long-term returns.

  • Borrowing to boost potential returns

    The return potential of investment in Australian shares is boosted by gearing (borrowing) with the Fund.

  • Depth of research

    The equity team conducts more than 1,000 company meetings or calls per year. This bottom-up research is a key component of stock selection.

  • Experienced team

    The Fund is managed by one of Australia’s largest and most experienced equity teams.