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The Perpetual Wholesale Conservative Growth Fund aims to offer investors moderate medium-term growth as well as some income, while managing risk. The Fund is broadly diversified but with an emphasis on cash and fixed income.  A value philosophy drives active decisions around weightings between asset classes and within asset classes.

A “total portfolio” approach seeks out only the best risk adjusted returns, while portfolio protection strategies aim to protect on the downside during extreme events.

Features and Benefits

  • Income and Growth

    The Fund seeks to deliver moderate capital growth over the medium-term whilst also paying investors a quarterly income.

  • Managed risk

    The Perpetual team uses active management and a value-driven investment process to reduce risk.

  • Managed to beat inflation

    The Fund balances conservative assets like fixed income and alternatives, with exposure to equities for protection against inflation.

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    Market aware

    The Portfolio Manager uses cycle and momentum signals to time investment decisions and can use portfolio protection to protect against major market falls.