Geared High Growth Fund

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Geared High Growth Fund

Pricing & Performance

Performance as at 31/08/2020

Returns as at 31/08/2020

  Growth % Distribution % Total %
1 month 3.41 -- 3.41
3 month -14.24 18.13 3.89
6 month -22.67 16.34 -6.32
1 year -21.26 16.64 -4.61
3 year -5.29 11.47 6.17
5 year -1.76 8.56 6.80
10 year 3.05 5.84 8.89

Unit Prices as at 24/09/2020

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Frequency Quarterly
Cents per Unit 13.056
Reinvestment Price 0.618
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Fund Commencement Date

March 2007

Details & Fees

About this fund

  • Fund Manager

    Perpetual Investment Management Limited

  • Asset Class


  • Suggested Length

    7 years or longer

Investment Objective

Provide investors with enhanced long-term capital growth through borrowing (gearing) to invest in a diversified portfolio of Australian and international shares and alternative growth investments - outperform (before fees and tax), over rolling three-year periods, a composite benchmark reflecting the target allocations at any time to the various asset types.

Investment Approach

Invests into a diverse mix of assets (see Investment guidelines' below). The Fund is regularly reviewed and re-weighted to the benchmark. Re-weighting means realigning the asset allocation to the benchmark. This can help reduce the volatility of the investment by avoiding over exposure to a particular asset class that has grown more quickly than another.

The fund borrows to gear its investment exposure. The borrowings are secured against the Fund's assets. The income of the Fund, which includes dividends and interest from the underlying investments, is used to service the interest cost of borrowings. Please read the Product Disclosure Statement for more information on the gearing policy.

Investment Details

Minimum Initial Investment Nil


Entry up to 4%
Exit Nill
Management Cost (p.a.) 3.57%
Buy / Sell Spread 0.4% / Nil
Due to changes in ASIC Class Order [CO 14/1252], we have updated our disclosure in respect of the estimated management cost of the Fund. This amount includes estimated indirect costs which are paid by the Fund, and are not a direct cost to you. The management fee you pay to Perpetual has not changed.

Investment Guidelines

Australian shares 35 - 60%
Gearing level 0 - 50%
International shares 25 - 45%
Cash and enhanced cash 0 - 12%
Growth alternatives 0 - 25%


March 31, June 30, September 30, December 31

How to Invest

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  2. If you are an existing investor in Perpetual Select Investment Funds

    All forms, offer documents and PDS’s can be found on Forms, PDS's and Offer Documents page in our Resources section.

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    Customer Identification Requirements

Perpetual Investment Management Limited ABN 18 000 866 535 AFSL 234426 and/or Perpetual Superannuation Limited ABN 84 008 416 831 AFSL 225246 are the issuers of the Funds. You should consider the relevant Fund product disclosure statement or other offer document before deciding whether to invest.

Returns have been calculated using exit prices after taking into account all ongoing fees, and assuming reinvestment of distributions. No allowance has been made for entry fees, exit fees or where applicable taxation. Future returns may bear no relationship to the historical information displayed. The returns shown represent past returns only and are not indicative of future returns of a Fund. Returns on a Fund can be particularly volatile in the short term and in some periods may be negative.

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