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Let's talk about love: an estate planning case study

Protecting and providing for those we care about is something we all want to do.

That’s about more than a will. It’s about careful estate planning and the smart use of trusts and professional advice to protect your wealth and your family.

Perpetual is Australia’s oldest trustee company. We have been safeguarding the wealth of Australians and the future of their families since the late 1800s.

Whether you’re planning for your family’s future or acting as executor for someone else’s estate, we can help you manage the legal, accounting, taxation and investment issues involved in protecting and growing wealth so it will benefit the people you care for.

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Are you a beneficiary of an estate?

In a time of grieving after losing a loved one, the significant burden of administering their estate can be especially overwhelming. Discover how we can assist you through the estate administration process.


Receiving an inheritance – particularly a large one – can bring complexity. Balancing capital gains tax considerations with your debt reduction and investment decisions takes careful consideration, particularly if you’re nearing retirement age. That’s where the right financial advice can help.

Long-term planning that makes a real difference


    With expertise in personal financial advice and trustee services, Perpetual draws on our experience administering thousands of estates to help you manage all the technical and emotional elements of estate planning and management.

  • Long-term Partner

    When planning for the future, you need a partner you can trust. With a trustee heritage going back more than 128 years, you can rely on Perpetual to be there ensuring those you care about are protected long into the future.

  • Peace of mind

    When you deal with the future, every situation is potentially complex. Perpetual’s team of experts work by your side to balance short and long-term needs and personal, business and family considerations.

There are a whole range of complex business, legal, family, investment and tax situations where careful estate planning and the strategic use of trust structures can be invaluable.

Estate planning and estate management

Estate planning

Together we can help you to create an estate plan that delivers on your wishes for your loved ones. This may include:

  • Your will
  • Superannuation planning
  • Trust structures such as testamentary, protective or family trusts and charitable trusts
  • Setting up enduring powers of attorney, guardianship arrangements or advanced care directives
  • Business succession planning.

Crucially, we work with you to make sure your estate planning changes as your life changes. That means regularly reviewing strategies and structures and providing options and suggestions to make sure your estate plan is always relevant to your needs.

Estate management and administration

By appointing Perpetual as your executor, you remove a significant administrative burden which may otherwise fall on one or more of your family members, which can be especially overwhelming for those still grieving.

Perpetual's professional executors help ensure the terms of your will are carried out and will engage with your beneficiaries every step of the way, to make sure they understand the terms of your legacy.

You can rest assured knowing that with Perpetual, you are in safe hands and as a trustee company, we will always perform our duties treating all beneficiaries equally and respectfully. This is particularly important in complex family situations. We have the expertise to manage and defend any claims against your estate and a proven ability to manage the complex investment, taxation and legal matters which can arise during administration.

In addition, if you are a named executor in a will and find the time and tasks more complex than you expected, Perpetual can help you - or take up the appointment in your place.


There are many reasons you may need to set up a trust:

  • For the benefit of your whole family
  • To direct funds to a charity or a cause dear to your heart
  • To protect minors and fund their education
  • To care for a family member with a disability
  • To ensure wealth passes through generations
  • To maintain an asset – such as a family or holiday home - for family use.

It’s important to make sure the trust works for the beneficiaries in the way you intended. Founded as a trustee company, Perpetual has long experience establishing and managing trusts to provide the right results for beneficiaries. Our prudent and risk-aware approach to managing trust funds is well suited to the long-term stewardship of trust assets.

Financial management

There are certain situations where you may need a trusted third party to help you manage your financial affairs:

  • If you – or someone you care for - has lost capacity or expects to lose capacity
  • If you’re travelling overseas
  • If you need assistance managing and safeguarding compensation payments and disability trusts
  • When you’re tasked with managing an estate, trust or bequest and want to outsource the administrative burden and reduce the risk of family disputes.

Whether through a power of attorney or trustee arrangement, Perpetual can help with everything from simple financial tasks such as bill paying, right through to management of major property and investment assets.


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Fees and Charges

The schedule of fees and charges for estate planning, administration of deceased estates, trusts, philanthropic trusts and Health and Personal Injury clients are outlined on our Financial Services Guide.