Personal Financial Advice

Perpetual can help you take control of your finances and give you peace of mind. We’ve been helping discerning private clients since 1886 and are one of the few financial institutions in Australia combining expertise in financial advice, trustee services and investment management.

Your Perpetual Senior Adviser draws on all Perpetual’s resources and collaborates with your other trusted professionals to help you and your family. The advice relationship is personal, holistic and typically long-lasting. Many Perpetual advisers have served generations of the same family.

Perpetual provides a complete advisory service tailored to your circumstances and your goals – everything from managing investments to business advice, from retirement and estate planning to how to set up your own philanthropic trusts.

A team of professionals working in your best interests

  • Bespoke solutions

    We look carefully at your current financial situation and all your lifestyle needs and goals. Perpetual provides a complete advisory service – everything from managing investments to business advice, from retirement and estate planning, to how to set up your own philanthropic trusts.

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    Proven People

    Financial advice is life changing. That’s why we invest in the people who serve you. Our advisers average 13 years in financial services – yet we test their technical proficiency every year. All are members of the Financial Planning Association – but our professional education requirements far exceed industry averages.

  • Listening to clients

    Perpetual has been listening to clients for over 128 years. Today, we continue the tradition by asking a range of clients to join the Perpetual Private Client Council and give us their insights on specific projects and on how we can serve them better.


“We were in a self-managed super fund and were a little bit anxious. Now we’re with Perpetual, we feel more confident and comfortable about the future.”

Patrick and Judy Gauci, Perpetual clients since 2017

Perpetual advisers work with successful individuals, prosperous families, medical specialists, business owners and more.

Your financial advice experience

To meet your financial needs now and for years to come, we create an advice relationship built on a real understanding of your needs and goals.

We then work to develop a complete strategy so that all the moving parts of your financial plan are working in the same direction.

Our culture of putting our clients first is built on over 128 years of acting as a trustee.

Our personal financial advice process has four key components:
  1. Your adviser will spend time getting to know you, your family, your current situation and your goals – next year, ten years from now and for generations in the future.
  2. We then offer you strategic advice on the planning and investment options that can help you achieve your goals within your risk tolerance. We also agree the level of ongoing advice you need - do you want to outsource financial decision making, or to make the final decision on each adjustment to your portfolio?
  3. After these plans have been put in place we meet with you regularly to assess how the financial plan is tracking towards your goals and to discuss any changes to your situation and your plans for the future.
  4. We communicate - this includes regular portfolio reviews to ensure our advice continues to meet your needs and your expectations of the advice relationship.

You are supported at every stage of this process by your adviser. They, in turn, are backed by highly skilled and resourced strategic advice and investment teams who apply rigorous research and analysis of the recommendations provided to you.

Investment philosophy and process

Our investment philosophy is simple: to first protect and then grow the wealth of our clients.

Our approach to portfolio construction and investing is based around the following key principles:

  1. We take a long-term approach to investing
  2. We believe quality investments will yield benefits in the long-run and our recommendations are based on this foundation
  3. We are responsive to client needs and provide long-term strategic investment advice
  4. We aim to protect our client’s wealth by minimising downside risk.

We aim to protect your wealth and manage risk by:

  1. Diversifying across asset classes, industry sectors and individual investments
  2. Ensuring that investments in your portfolio meet Perpetual’s stringent quality investment criteria.

Our investment team

Perpetual has a high quality in-house research team. The research capabilities cover the core asset classes, direct equities and multi-manager alternative investments such as private equity and hedge funds.

The research team also has a deep understanding of non-core asset classes. For instance, we have a long track record in researching and evaluating property syndicates, listed hybrids and alternative investments.

A complete advice service

Perpetual offers a holistic financial advice service aimed at meeting all your needs.

My family has used Perpetual to manage our finances since the 1950’s and my mother, who has just turned 100, is still a client. It’s a great achievement to have provided my family with financial security over so many decades – I think it speaks volumes about the quality of Perpetual’s team and their advice.

Barbara, NSW, Client since 1999


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