Simplifying family life

There is a myriad of ways to describe family life. A common term is "complicated". Complex relationships, combined with family wealth and business interests, can be difficult to navigate. That’s where we can help. We have a long history of helping successful Australian families, some for over five generations.



We know that every family is different. Our Family Office will work with you to develop a tailored solution for your family’s unique needs. A dedicated team of specialists will help you plan for the future, protect and grow your wealth, and facilitate the transfer when the time is right.

Our Family Office covers a range of important areas from estate planning, trusts, tax structures and investments through to philanthropy, succession and lifestyle assistance. We can help you live the life you want, create a lasting legacy and prepare the next generation to take over the reins. 

And, in the process, we hope to make your family life a little less complicated. 

A family office offers an integrated range of financial and lifestyle services


    working on your behalf, familiar with the complexities of your situation


    convenient approach that saves time and money


    providing wealth education, governance and structure


    building, preserving and transferring wealth between generations

Your family wealth journey

There are three key stages to establishing a Family Office: planning, implementation and succession.


Set the platform for your family’s future


Strategic Family Plan

Your family’s wealth journey begins with our advisers helping you to create your Strategic Family Plan.

This is your family’s financial roadmap and will include your values, vision and priorities for your wealth.

Working together, we will create an investment policy, which will govern how your family invests its wealth, and how these investments will be structured.


Family Governance Plan

Your Family Governance Plan documents how your family will work together towards a shared vision.

Roles and responsibilities will be allocated to different family members, and the process for making decisions will be agreed.

A family constitution will be established to help govern investment decisions, manage risk, and ensure an easier transfer of wealth across generations.


Estate Plan

Your Estate Plan will help protect your family’s wealth and ensure your wishes are carried out in the future.

Building your Estate Plan may involve:

  • creating a Will and appointing a Power of Attorney to look after your affairs when you’re no longer able to
  • establishing a testamentary trust to protect your assets after you die
  • arranging for your superannuation to be paid to your dependants
  • establishing a succession plan for your business to protect its value and ensure an easier transition to the new owners.


Manage your wealth, create an income stream to live the life you want


Family Governance Meetings

To allow you to stay in control of your wealth as your family grows, we will help you to establish a family council.

This council will represent all groups within your family, and will make decisions on their behalf at regular governance meetings.

We will also help you to create different sub-committees under this council, which will manage your family office, your business, make investment decisions and oversee your philanthropic interests.


Investment management

Our investment philosophy is simple: to first protect and then grow your wealth.

It’s a philosophy built on quality investments, which we believe provide the best opportunity for positive returns over the long term, while managing risk.

We can invest your wealth across a diversified range of asset classes, industry sectors and individual investments.

We can also administer your portfolio, including direct and managed investments, giving you online portfolio access and transparent performance reporting.


Tax and compliance

Depending on your needs, our tax specialists will develop a tax planning strategy to help you manage your investments and the transfer of your wealth effectively.

We can also provide advice on tax-effective structures like trusts, take care of your personal and business tax returns, and complete capital gains tax reconstructions for your assets.

We also offer compliance assistance to ensure that your portfolio complies with all regulatory and reporting requirements.


Lifestyle Assist

Simplify your daily life with Lifestyle Assist, our personal concierge service.

Let us take care of your ever growing ‘to do’ list, such as:

  • bookkeeping for your business
  • banking, bill payment and tax returns
  • assisting with medical claims and care
  • arranging travel or home services

You can tailor a package of services to meet your ongoing needs, allowing you to spend more free time with family and friends.



Having the right insurance cover will protect you, your family and your business.

Our risk specialists have solutions to cover you and your family’s personal needs, including:

  • Life Insurance, which pays a lump sum if you die or suffer a terminal illness
  • Total & Permanent Disability, which pays a lump sum if you are permanently incapacitated
  • Trauma Insurance, which pays a lump sum if you suffer a ‘trauma event’ from which you may recover (like a heart attack, stroke or cancer)
  • Income Protection, where you will receive a monthly payment if you are unable to work for an extended period due to illness or injury.

We can also help you to protect your business through:

  • Buy-Sell Agreements, which protect you and your family if you have equity in a business with other people
  • Key Person Insurance, which insulates your business from loss and extinguishes business debt if a ‘key person’ dies or is disabled
  • Business Expense Cover, which covers the fixed costs of your business if you are unable to work for an extended period due to illness or injury.


You can create something remarkable by financially supporting charities or causes that are important to you and your family.

We can show you how to structure your giving most effectively, and help you to set up your family’s own charitable trust or endowment.

We will also help you to grow the value of your donation through a quality investment portfolio, and find causes or charities that match your family’s interests.


Next generation development

Are you concerned that your family’s next generation may not be ready to manage your wealth?

We can help prepare them for this role, involving them in family governance and committee meetings, and providing ongoing education and mentoring to help develop their skills to manage your family’s financial legacy.


Transition and transfer your wealth, control your legacy

Wealth succession

Our estate planning and trustee specialists will help you to retain control over your assets when you die, and determine who will make decisions on your behalf.

This ensures the wealth that you’ve worked so hard to create is transferred to the younger generations tax-effectively, and according to your wishes.

We can also manage critical documents on your behalf, such as your Will, probate application, tax return and other Court notices, as well as distributing the assets within your testamentary trust.


Trustee Services

Australian families have entrusting us to establish and manage trusts to protect and grow their assets for over 130 years.

We have a deep understanding of the complexities of different trusts structures.

So whether you establish a trust during your lifetime, or through your Will, we can act as an independent steward to provide for your family for the long term.


Estate Administration

To relieve your family of the burden of managing your estate, we can take responsibility of all requirements, as executor of your Will.

As an independent third party, we treat all beneficiaries equally and respectfully, which is particularly important in complex family situations.

This will ensure the terms of your Will are carried out and each beneficiary informed of progress.

We also have the expertise to manage and defend any claims against your estate, as well as manage the complex investment, taxation and legal matters that can arise.


We have been helping successful individuals, their families and businesses achieve their financial goals since 1886. To find out how we can simplify your family life and secure your family’s financial legacy, phone our Family Office team on 1800 631 381 or complete the form below.

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