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In the below articles, Michael O’Dea and Matt Sherwood from Perpetual’s Multi Asset team share their perspectives on the most recent developments of the continuously evolving Coronavirus situation and the related implications on financial markets, the global economy and policy responses. Read their daily insights here and stay up to date about what the developments mean for investors.

Thoughts on the market

  • Review of the overnight developments
  • Update on the global economy & financial markets
  • Summary of the most recent policy responses
  • Coronavirus update

Latest Update: 14 December 2020 - What’s to worry about, when the market says there’s nothing to worry about in 2021?

28 September 2020 - Global stocks record a fourth week of price declines

25 September 2020 - Credit spreads move wider as the US labour market improvements continue to wane.

24 September 2020 -Risk markets decline further, and the US Dollar extends its advance

23 September 2020 - The global sharemarket bounces, but high yield credit spreads widen more

22 September 2020 - The sharemarket rout continues but the market concern is now centred on the growth outlook

21 September 2020 - What are the implications of passing the policy peak?

18 September 2020 - Investors fret that there is not enough stimulus to sustain economic growth

17 September 2020 - Achieving its employment and inflation targets is now out of the Fed’s hands

16 September 2020 - The US tech recovery continues, but will China’s activity rebound lead to a premature tightening in policy?

15 September 2020 - Markets rally as investors wait for the Fed to confirm that rates are on hold

14 September 2020 - The three issues which are holding markets back

11 September 2020 - The tech selldown resurfaces

10 September 2020 - Markets rebound, but for how long?

9 September 2020 - Another rout in US tech stocks and a pause in the stage three trials of the leading COVID-19 vaccine, puts investors on edgeof tech?

7 September 2020 - The US labour market recovery is not as good as the headline suggests

4 September 2020 - HStocks plummet – a pause that refreshes or the start of a larger rotation out of tech?

3 September 2020 - More record sharemarket highs driven by defensive sectors

2 September 2020 - How worried should the RBA be about the currency and what can they do?

1 September 2020 - Is European credit sending us a message?

30 June 2020 - Portfolio rebalancing sees global equity markets rise, but for how long?

29 June 2020 - Global cases top 10 million without a vaccine in sight

26 June 2020 - Global markets rally

25 June 2020 - Global markets decline on worsening Cov-19 case numbers and reports of US tariffs on Europe

24 June 2020 - What would Shakespeare say about the current state of markets?

23 June 2020 - Equity markets rise as COVID-19 surges through 9 million cases

19 June 2020 - Markets pause as better manufacturing data is offset by rising Cov-19 case numbers disappointing labour market statistics

18 June 2020 - Global COVID-19 cases continue to surge

17 June 2020 - May US retail sales surge and outweigh rising COVID-19 case numbers

16 June 2020 - A Fed policy re-annoucement ignites risk-on sentiment

15 June 2020 - A slightly smaller crater but a prolonged malaise

12 June 2020 - The global risk market rally comes to an abrupt halt

11 June 2020 - Powell speaks and markets sell off

10 June 2020 - Concerns mount about the market rally

9 June 2020 - Steeper yield curves set to continue the rotation to ‘value’

5 June 2020 - European policy makers over-deliver, but risk markets pause

4 June 2020 - Economic data is starting to stabilise

3 June 2020 - All regional sharemarkets are out of bear market territory, but is the US Fed’s answer to record corporate leverage the right one?

2 June 2020 - The Empire Strikes Back

1 June 2020 - Trump sticks to the script, but the fiscal cliff still looms

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