Native Title Trusts

With help from Perpetual as trustee and investment manager, your community can ensure money received through Native Title and land use agreements is invested and distributed sustainably, in consultation with the community and for the benefit of all members.

Perpetual’s specialist Native Title trusts team can help your community manage money and administer your trust so that you can fund the things your community needs now, and ensure there is money set aside for the future.

Our team will come to your country, sit down and talk to community members so we can create a trust that works for them long into the future.

Working with your community

  • Why use a trust?

  • Practical results

  • Your community stays in control

  • Protecting and growing community money

Our long trustee heritage and the personal commitment of our Native Title Team are at the heart of Perpetual’s service to Aboriginal communities.

The role of a trustee in a community

Managing a trust brings complex legal responsibilities. Some of these responsibilities include:

  • Knowing and carrying out the terms of a trust
  • Protecting the assets of the trust on behalf of all beneficiaries
  • Investing funds safely and wisely
  • Paying trust income and capital to beneficiaries according to the trust deed and trust law
  • Not favouring some beneficiaries over others
  • Not mixing personal and trust assets
  • Keeping proper accounts and providing full information.

As one of Australia’s largest professional trustee companies (managing approximately 1,000 charitable trusts and endowments), Perpetual helps by taking care of all the legal responsibilities. We also help the community build its own expertise in trusts, investing and budgeting.

With over 130 years of experience as a trustee for individuals, businesses and charities, Perpetual has the experience to help manage your community’s Native Title trust for the benefit of future generations as well as this one. Our trustee services can save a community and its leaders money, time and anxiety.

Investing in Aboriginal Australia

Perpetual works with 15 Aboriginal community clients across South Australia, Western Australia, Queensland and the Northern Territory. Yet our work with and for Aboriginal people extends way beyond Native Title Trusts.

  • Perpetual was the first Australian fund manager to develop a Reconciliation Action Plan. The plan commits Perpetual to measure itself against goals in areas such as Aboriginal employment, sourcing arrangements with Aboriginal suppliers and Perpetual staff engagement with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture
  • Through Supply Nation, Perpetual has committed to procurement targets with indigenous businesses
  • Each year select Perpetual staff are seconded to work with the Jawun project. Staff are employed in community-building activities in the Cape York area of Northern Queensland
  • Perpetual regularly supports Aboriginal festivals and cultural events

We are proud to be supporting Aboriginal people and businesses through the following organisations.

Oak Valley
Financial Advice


Financial Advice

A new Trust, for more communities

Native Title and land use agreements have given many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities the scope to invest in important areas such as health, education, preserving culture and creating employment. Creating the right structures to provide these services has been more difficult for communities and local land councils who are working with smaller funds. Not anymore.


Our Stretch Reconciliation Action Plan

Our Reconciliation Action Plan outlines the initiatives that support our commitment to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and organisations.

Native Title Trusts and Investments team

We work with Elders and other community leaders every day. Our job is to help them turn trust funds into better facilities for their community – and better lives for their people.

John Hender - Senior Manager - Native Title Trusts & Investments