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Dr Shannon Thomas

As a Medical Professional, you face unique challenges – long hours, intense yet rewarding work and the constant pressure to run a successful practice. Somehow you have to do it all while finding time for your family – and while making sure you prepare for the future.

When it comes to your wealth, making considered decisions early can ensure your high income is both optimised and protected throughout your career. Many of our Medical Professional clients benefit from advice on tax-effective ways to convert their income into growing capital, how to protect their family and assets, getting their practice ready for sale and managing their investments so they can maintain their lifestyle as they look to wind down and reap the rewards of their hard work.

You may require the services of other professional advisers like accountants and lawyers. We will work with your professional network coordinating activities to deliver the best outcome for you, both professionally and personally.

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Building wealth, saving time

With an integrated financial plan you could gain 1,400 extra days of free time*

Our role as a specialist financial adviser to medical professionals is to give you the financial control you need to pursue your career and have more time to spend with friends and family. For too many health care professionals this goal is never realised – not because they don’t have the money but rather because they don’t have the right financial plan in place.

An integrated financial plan simplifies wealth generation and saves you time. It allows you to turn your income into capital without spending anxious hours on investment decisions or administrative tasks like taxation. And you can rest assured that the most important people to you – your family – will be protected with the right insurance and estate planning structures.

3 simple ways we can help you build wealth and save time


Super is a highly tax-effective way to build capital. With the right strategy it can replace your income whilst you’re still working. 


Being smart about where you invest your surplus cash can significantly improve your returns – and that means you’ll have more money to “pay yourself.”


The optimal investment structure can help you reduce tax, provide for your children and even improve how you run your practice.

*We’re assuming you work three days a week instead of five from age 60 to 75. That’s 1440 “extra” days on the assumption you take four weeks holiday a year. 

How we work together

The medical professionals we work with are united in their passion for patient care, but face different challenges and have unique aspirations for themselves and their families. We get it. That’s why we invest the time to build relationships based on mutual understanding and trust before we give financial advice.

Perpetual advisers focus on delivering tailored advice to meet your individual financial objectives and give you more time to spend on what matters to you. With no ties to any major bank or life insurance company your best interests always come first and as we don’t work on product commissions, our strategic plans are based only on your needs and goals. That’s why Perpetual has been able to work with successful individuals and their families for over 128 years.

At Perpetual, we think of client relationships as long-term partnerships. To ensure consistent superior levels of service, we adhere to a proven process that helps build and protect your wealth. 

A plan that evolves with you

From what our clients tell us the only constant in the career of a medical professional is an unwavering dedication to patient care. Everything else is in a constant state of flux – learning to run a practice, earning higher incomes, acquiring bigger homes and debts, more responsibilities and complexity. That’s why your financial strategy needs to evolve with you.


Making considered decisions early can ensure your high income is optimised throughout your career. Many of our medical professional clients benefit from advice on tax-effective ways to convert their income into growing capital, how to protect their family and assets, getting their practice ready for sale and managing their super so they can carry their current lifestyle into retirement.

We understand the shifting challenges you face as a medical professional – whether you’re commencing your practice, at your career peak or preparing for life after work. A tailored financial strategy that builds and protects your wealth takes time and planning. But the benefits can be significant and life changing – and Perpetual would be happy to help you.

5 Steps to Building and Protecting Your Wealth

We discuss and evaluate your current situation, identifying your financial and lifestyle goals, challenges and concerns, as well as your attitude to and tolerance for risk. The scope of advice and fees are agreed upfront.

Building on the outcomes of the Discovery phase and drawing on third party information (such as from your accountant, banker or insurance broker), we produce your Statement of Advice (SOA). Your SOA outlines the recommended financial structures to achieve your goals, minimise tax and protect your assets.

We will walk you through your SOA, explaining how our advice will help you maximise the opportunity of achieving your goals. We encourage you to ask questions to confirm your understanding and may refer you to other professional advisers if required.

Once we obtain your authority to proceed we implement our advice. We will ensure all paperwork is completed and lodged correctly, liaising with third parties to simplify the process for you. We’ll keep you informed every step of the way, answering any questions you may have.

Your financial strategy should evolve as your needs change, which makes regular reviews a key component in the process. Ideally we will meet at least once a year to review your strategy and make any necessary adjustments, as well as to ensure any strategies required to create tax efficiency are implemented in a timely manner.

Want to know more?

Please speak to a Senior Adviser at Perpetual if you would like to discuss how we can help you.

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