IMPACT Philanthropy Philosophy

Philanthropy is an intrinsic part of Perpetual’s heritage. As trustee for approximately 1000 charitable trusts and endowments managing $2.9 billion in charitable funds (as at 30 June 2019) each year we distribute more than $100 million to Not-for-Profits (NFPs) on behalf of our clients.

Our IMPACT Philanthropy philosophy combines a strategic approach to philanthropy with sustained support for the NFP sector, and is designed to ensure that the individuals and families (and their advisers) that we work with are maximising the potential of their giving.

IMPACT Philanthropy and donors

For donors, IMPACT Philanthropy means holistic support – everything from helping you with trusteeship and grantmaking advice, through to understanding exactly how your gifts are applied for the benefit of community.

Whether you want to set up your own family foundation or leave a legacy, we provide the tools and resources that improve the outcomes for the communities and causes you support.

IMPACT Philanthropy and NFPs

Our commitment to philanthropy with real impact influences how we work with NFPs and charities. The philanthropists we work with want to invest in organisations that are well governed, outcomes focused and understand the communities they serve.

We support NFP governance by funding sector research, capacity building opportunities for NFPs and offering financial governance advice and investment management support.

We invest in strengthening the NFP sector because we know a strong sector is one that makes a difference.