In today's constantly shifting business environment, there's a lot to think about if you’re an accountant growing your practice. There’s competition, evolving regulation, new technology and ever-changing client needs. It's a challenging time.

Perpetual listens to the challenges and opportunities facing accountants, continually evolving our Partnership Program by developing and sourcing expert solutions to help you grow.

We understand that accountants choosing to specialise need to partner with trusted experts to deliver value to clients and grow their practices.  Partnering with Perpetual as one of your trusted experts comes with access to a Partnership Program with a range of Program solutions tailored to your needs.

The Perpetual Partnership Program is best suited to specialist accountants looking to grow their practices

  • Partner with a panel of trusted experts

    We help accountants who have chosen to be specialists find the right panel of trusted experts to partner with to deliver value to clients and grow their practice.

  • Community of like-minded accountants

    Our members benefit from positive, active relationships with each other. They engage with, and learn from each other and the Perpetual team at local educational and networking events.

  • Compelling value

    Some solutions are complimentary and others have a cost negotiated by Perpetual on your behalf. Accountants who refer clients to Perpetual have the opportunity to be reimbursed for the cost of program solutions. The reimbursement threshold commences at four referrals per year.

The Perpetual Partnership Program, delivered via our panel of trusted partners, gives you access to a range of solutions you need to deliver client value and grow your business. We will work with you to develop an individual ‘solutions plan’ focused on your priorities as a specialist accountant.


Finding trusted partners to help you more efficiently manage your business can be a never-ending task, one which often gets deferred in the interests of focusing on your core business. 

So we’ve done the hard work for you and have partners who can help you:

  • Manage AFSL compliance - Cowell Clarke Connect is an online compliance portal to centralise and simplify your ongoing compliance obligations. We also have a training and policies package for those who have chosen to remain unlicensed.
  • Run your business efficiently and generate client insights with a range of technology providers.


Shifting revenue from tax compliance to business advisory is a challenge facing most accountants in practice. So we’ve sourced a range of solutions to help your practice profitably grow advisory services.

  • Practice Advice Essentials is Bstar’s training course to help you enhance your advisory skills and better balance the compliance and advisory revenue in your practice.
  • Increase advisory revenue – with client facing tools from our technology partners Veda and SAI Global.
  • We can also provide access to Accounting-specific consulting services and benchmarking reports relevant to your practice.


We have long-term relationships with many accounting practices so we understand your business, your clients and know how to work with you to deliver integrated advice to clients.
Perpetual works with individuals and families in pursuit of their goals - protecting and growing their wealth and advising on estate planning, bespoke investment portfolios, philanthropy and more.

When you refer your clients to Perpetual, you can take comfort in knowing we respect your status as the primary and trusted advisor to any shared clients, and that we only offer your clients financial advice and services that complement those offered by your practice.

As a licensed and regulated trustee, we are held to the highest standard of fiduciary care, and as such we know how to look after your clients and put their interests first and foremost.

Accountants’ Partnership Executives