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Perpetual provides a range of advice and trustee services for...

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Individuals and families

Perpetual works with individuals and families in pursuit of their goals - protecting and growing their wealth and advising on estate planning, bespoke investment portfolios, philanthropy and much more. We also have specialist advisers dedicated to helping clients with unique sets of needs.

IMPACT Philanthropy

Charities and Communities

Perpetual has been part of Australian philanthropy for more than 128 years. We understand the day- to-day challenges faced by charities and Not-for-Profit (NFP) organisations because we work alongside them managing more than 990 charitable trusts and endowments. We distribute around $100 million each year on behalf of our clients. We also work with Aboriginal communities to maximise the benefits they generate from Native Title trusts.

Perpetual Ltd

Businesses and Organisations

At Perpetual we recognise that different organisations need different services – but the same high quality of advice. We partner with accountants to grow their practice and specialise in advising private business owners on both their business and their private wealth.


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Perpetual is proud to work with Aboriginal communities and corporations across Australia to ensure their trusts benefit their communities now and in the future. One such client we act as trustee for is the Savanna Fire Management Trust.