Our History

In 1885, a committee of business and professional people, including future Prime Minister, the Honourable Sir Edmund Barton, gathered in Sydney for the purpose of forming a trustee company.

Perpetual Trustee Company Limited was formed on 28 September 1886 and since then has been entrusted by generations of Australians to manage, grow and protect their wealth.

Through wars, recessions and financial crises, we have continually evolved to meet the challenges of constant social, technological and economic change.

Our core values and financial principles have endured through time and will continue to endure.

Perpetual over the Decades

Decimal to Digital

From Decimal to Digital

For more than 50 years, Perpetual’s Industrial Share Fund has been helping Australians invest for their future and that of their family. Our Decimal to Digital ebook looks at how Australia has changed over that time, at the consistency of the Perpetual Investments’ investing philosophy and at we’ve learned managing money over five tumultuous decades.