Informed Market and Share Dealings


View Perpetual's policy on share dealings by directors, executives and employees in Perpetual securities.


Perpetual has continuous disclosure obligations under ASX Listing Rule 3.1 and the Corporations Act 2001. The Managing Director, Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary are members of the continuous disclosure committee responsible for deciding what information is required to be disclosed to the ASX. View Perpetual's policy on continuous disclosure.

In addition to its continuous disclosure obligations, the board ensures that shareholders are fully informed of all material matters that affect the position and prospects of the group through the:

  • Half Year Results released in February each year
  • Full Year Results released in August each year
  • Annual Report released in September each year
  • Chairman's and Managing Director’s addresses to the Annual General Meeting and
  • market briefings and other significant information (which are posted on Perpetual's website as soon as it is disclosed to the market)

The board considers its disclosure obligations at each scheduled board meeting. Copies of major announcements lodged with the ASX in the past year can be accessed through our website. Webcasts of half year and full year Financial-Results and business updates, together with copies of our published Annual Report and half year results information, can be found on our website.

Perpetual generally holds its Annual General Meeting in November and a copy of the Notice of Annual General Meeting will be posted on the Perpetual website. The board encourages shareholders to attend the Annual General Meeting and to vote on the motions by appointing a proxy if unable to attend.