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Educational Brochures


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The Perpetual Diversified Income Fund

The Perpetual Diversified Income Fund invests in a range of quality income generating assets and aims to deliver consistent income with the potential for above cash rate total returns.

Benefits of alternative investments

Alternative investments can provide greater diversification and more consistent returns when added to a portfolio of traditional assets.

Educational Brochure
The real value of investing in shares

The key to successful share investment is diversification and taking a long-term view.

Australian sharemarket chart

For the year ended December 2016

International sharemarket chart

For the year ended December 2016

Fixed Income Landscape flyer

Making sense of the fixed income landscape International Share Market pdf

Educational Expenses

Funding Educational expenses using WealthFocus Investment Advantage Educational Expenses

Managed Funds vs Direct Investments

Key comparison of Managed Funds and Direct Investments Managed Funds vs Direct Investments

SMSF Borrowing

Using WealthFocus Investment Advantage in a Superannuation Borrowing SMSF Borrowing

Superannuation, Insurance and Retirement

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July 2017 Superannuation reforms  

A checklist to help you prepare for the Government’s superannuation reforms attached

Boost Your Super Contributions

Boost super savings through the Government co-contribution and Spouse contribution tax offset Boost Your Super Contributions

Salary Sacrificing into Super

Salary sacrifice offers a tax effective way of boosting retirement savings Salary Sacrificing into Super

Insurance in Superannuation

Help your clients secure their financial future Insurance in Superannuation

Transition to Retirement Pensions

Maximising super with a transition to retirement pension. Transition to Retirement Pensions

Superannuation for the Self-employed

Help your self-employed clients maximise their super tax-effectively

Perpetual WealthFocus

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WealthFocus Platform

Build a high quality, tailored portfolio, with access to great features and functionality, all within a single platform. WealthFocus Platform

WealthFocus Investment Advantage

Perpetual WealthFocus Investment Advantage allows you to create and manage client’s investment portfolios and take advantage of unique tax benefits. WealthFocus Investment Advantage

WealthFocus Wholesale

Perpetual WealthFocus Wholesale is your FOFA ready solution with no conflicted remuneration payments made.

Implementing Changes to your Model Portfolio

Advantages and Case Study of using WealthFocus Investment Advantage for changes to your Model Portfolio Implementing Changes to your Model Portfolio