Perpetual has been a leading provider of Asset Backed Securities (ABS) information since the launch of our reporting service in 1997. ABSPerpetual is recognised as a primary point of reference for domestic and global investors and other market participants who seek timely, accurate and comprehensive transaction and collateral information.

In July 2015, the RBA’s new repo-eligibility reporting requirements went live. Perpetual is currently assisting issuers to meet the new reporting requirements. Our enhancements represent a major investment in the future of the sector and provides a stronger link between issuers, the RBA and investment communities.

ABSPerpetual promotes the transparency and growth of the Australian securitisation market

  • Benefits for issuers

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ABSPerpetual is a leading reporting website for the Australian securitisation market - linking issuers and investors with timely, comprehensive data and unrivalled market coverage.