IMPACT Funding

Thanks to the generosity of our clients, in the 2015 financial year Perpetual distributed more than $83 million from the charitable trusts and endowments we manage.

Many of these trusts and endowments are created with specific directions around the charities that will benefit.

However, where trusts and endowments have a more flexible approach to grant making, we undertake a rigorous application program that matches our clients’ wishes with suitable organisations.

Our IMPACT Philanthropy Application Program allows philanthropists and Not-for-Profits (NFPs) to connect, and allows NFPs to demonstrate how they improve outcomes for the communities in which they operate.

We encourage high quality outcomes by identifying organisations that can maximise their impact through:

  • good governance
  • solid leadership
  • strong strategy
  • an outcomes focus.

The 2016 IMPACT Philanthropy Application Program

Application documents

The 2017 IMPACT Philanthropy Application Program will open on Thursday 27 October, when the application form and information on applying will be available via this site. Resources from the 2016 IMPACT Philanthropy Application Program are available below. Please note that these are provided for your reference only and are solely applicable to the 2016 IMPACT Philanthropy Application Program, which has now closed. Updated resources will be available on this site when the 2017 program opens.

Download the 2016 IMPACT Philanthropy Application Program Guidelines

Download the 2016 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Acquittal reporting and acknowledging funding

If your NFP organisation receives funding from trusts or endowments managed by Perpetual, you must report on your funding outcomes by submitting an acquittal report by 31 January each year and a final acquittal report on completion.

Acquittal reports

Perpetual’s funding is normally provided for one year. We require an interim acquittal report outlining grant obligations outstanding and/or funding not fully expended by 31 January each year following your grant.

We require a final acquittal report outlining the grant obligations completed and funding expended by 31 January the following year. The final acquittal report may be submitted at any time as long as you have fulfilled the grant obligations and fully expended the funding.

If you fail to submit an acquittal report your organisation may be ineligible for funding in future rounds.

To submit an Acquittal Report please complete the Acquittal Report.

Recognition of donors

If your NFP organisation wishes to name the trusts or endowments that have provided funding for your activity via your website, newsletters or in the media, please email

The IMPACT Philanthropy Partnership Program

As part of our commitment to IMPACT Philanthropy, we are identifying opportunities to support a limited number of NFP partners annually with longer term and deeper support designed to help them maximise their impact. The IMPACT Philanthropy Partnership Program funds major grants to organisations working towards crucial outcomes for the communities and sectors they serve.

Perpetual’s IMPACT Philanthropy Partners are organisations that have made applications to the annual IMPACT Philanthropy Application Program and performed consistently well on the criteria of Leadership, Capability, Strategy and Outcomes in each of the past three years.

Invited organisations can apply for a grant of up to $1 million, to be used over a time period of one to five years.

Download the 2016 Partnership Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

IMPACT Partner - Perpetual

Perpetual’s IMPACT Philanthropy Partners in 2015 are listed below, together with a description of the activity being funded and the outcome sought.

Berry Street Victoria

Implement the Berry Street Education Model, which combines sciences of social/emotional wellbeing and neurodevelopment, for disengaged students in mainstream schools to improve academic and social/emotional growth outcomes.

The Smith Family

Develop and deliver an Enterprise Information Platform to transform data management and reporting with the aim of improving educational outcomes for disadvantaged Australian students.

So They Can

Deliver to the Babati district of Tanzania, Africa: a primary school education program designed to improve the standard of education; and an economic empowerment program designed to teach subsistence farmers how to improve crop yields and profit margins.

National Stroke Foundation

Deliver an adaptive technology platform, called Enableme, to stroke survivors. The aim is to improve the ability of stroke survivors to participate in their post-stroke life through easy access to online self-directed rehabilitation.

Amana Living

Create a program that brings personalised music therapy to enrich the lives of frail older people and those living with dementia.

Big hART

To establish a social-enterprise arm to Big hART, with the aim of future proofing Big hART and generate sustainable self-funding that will ultimately enable more projects to be delivered in disadvantaged communities.

Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia

Develop the “ProstateApp” for Android-powered devices with the aim of providing greater access and reach within the prostate cancer community.  The app is already available on Apple devices and provides easily accessible, comprehensive resources for prostate cancer sufferers.

Justice Connect

Expand the Justice Connect Not-for-Profit Law service, which provides free legal advice to community organisations. Not-for-Profit Law currently assists thousands of charities and Not-for-Profits in Victoria and New South Wales and aims to expand this service across Australia.

Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research

Purchase essential technology for Australia’s first genome engineering facility that will enable scientists to identify genes mutated by CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing. It will provide information about tumour development and responses of cancers cells to new anticancer treatments.