Perpetual Wholesale Funds

Perpetual Wholesale Funds are designed for individual and wholesale investors, super fund trustees and investor directed portfolio services with $25,000 or more to invest.

Key features

  • Choose from a comprehensive range of 15 investment funds.
  • Access Australian and international share funds, fixed income and diversified funds.
  • $25,000 investment per fund.

Cost effective, no contribution or exit fees

Due to the larger scale of your investment, you can benefit from lower management fees by using Perpetual Wholesale Funds, compared to other retail managed funds with lower initial investment amounts. Also, no contribution or exit fees apply.

Diverse investment menu

All Funds are professionally managed by Perpetual and offer access to all major asset classes including Australian and international shares, property, fixed income, cash and specialised investments. View all funds and performance

Features to easily manage your investments

  • Online access 
  • Invest via BPay or direct debit.