Perpetual WealthFocus Wholesale Investment Advantage

Key features

  • Choose from over 75 investment options.
  • Access major asset classes including Australian and international shares, property, fixed income, cash and diversified investment options.
  • Options managed by Perpetual and external fund managers available
  • $2,000 minimum investment with $1,000 minimum in any Investment Option.

Electronic statements

You must agree to receive your statements electronically.

Pay no initial contribution fee

When you invest in Perpetual WealthFocus Wholesale Investment Advantage no contribution fee applies.

Management fee rebate

As an eligible investor we will pay you a rebate of part of the management fee of between 0.35% to 0.90% p.a.

A high quality, diverse investment menu

Perpetual WealthFocus Wholesale Investment Advantage allows you to tailor a diversified investment portfolio. You can access a wide range of asset classes and funds managed by Perpetual or one of more than 35 other highly rated investment managers.

Unique tax benefits

Perpetual WealthFocus Investment Advantage can offer the following unique tax benefits – unlike any other investment solution. The following Product Rulings* issued by the ATO confirm the tax benefits and provide certainty for investors:

PR 2008/62 applies to investors with an initial acquisition date on or after 10 September 2008 and on or before 30 June 2012

PR 2012/7 applies to investors with an initial acquisition date on or after 1 July 2012 and on or before 30 June 2015

PR 2015/4applies to investors with an initial acquisition date on or after 1 July 2015 and on or before 30 June 2018

The relevant Product Ruling will continue to apply even after its period of application for investments made during the period of application.

*The Product Ruling is only a ruling on the application of taxation law and is in no way expressly or impliedly a guarantee or endorsement of the commercial viability of the Scheme, of the soundness or otherwise of the Scheme as an investment, or of the reasonableness or commerciality of any fees charged in connection with the Scheme

Switch investment options without triggering capital gains tax (CGT)
You can move across investment options within WealthFocus Investment Advantage funds without triggering CGT.

Partially withdraw funds without CGT
If you withdraw a portion of your investment, CGT will only apply if the amount you withdraw exceeds the amount of your initial investment.

CGT discount on all withdrawals after 12 months
Additional investments in Perpetual WealthFocus Investment Advantage don’t change the acquisition date of your investment. This means that if you withdraw your investment, as long as your initial investment is held for 12 months or more, the 50% CGT discount will be available (where applicable).

Easily manage your investments

  • Online access
  • Dollar cost averaging
  • Auto-rebalancing
  • Regular savings plan available
  • Invest via BPay, direct debit or cheque

Investment details

  • Minimum initial investment $2,000
  • Investment per Investment Options $1,000 ($100 by savings plan)
  • Minimum additional investment $1,000