Perpetual Select Super Plan

Key features

  • Designed for employees, employers and the self-employed who want an easy to use super fund.
  • Uses a multi-manager approach to help diversify your portfolio.
  • Easily match your investment needs with a range of investment options.
  • Flexible contribution and savings features.
  • Optional insurance cover.

Easily create and diversify your super portfolio

Select offers a range of investment options which have been designed to meet different investment objectives. This means you can easily create a super portfolio by matching your own investment objectives with one or more of our options. You can choose from multi-asset class (diversified) options which offer diversification across and within asset classes, or single-asset class options which offer diversification within each asset class. View all investment options and performance

Benefit from Select's multi-manager approach

Select’s multi-manager approach involves Perpetual choosing several specialist investment managers within each asset class to form each Select investment option.

We do all the work. Our investment team rigorously selects each investment manager, decides the asset allocation and regularly reviews how to invest in each asset class based on the long-term objectives of each investment option.

Greater diversification. Combining investment managers with different investment styles and approaches diversifies your investment and means you are not relying on one manager for your investment performance.

Consistency of returns. By blending managers we aim to help improve the consistency of returns across different market cycles. This helps to smooth out the performance of each Select investment fund. 

Easy administration

Online access and flexible contribution features make it easy to manage your super through Perpetual Select Super Plan:

  • Contribute via BPay or direct debit
  • Regular savings plan

Optional insurance cover

Access optional personal insurance through the Perpetual Select Super Plan:

  • Salary Continuance
  • Death only
  • Death and Total and Permanent Disablement.

Have you worked in the UK? Select Super has QROPS status

If you have retirement savings in the UK and are now an Australian resident, you may benefit from transferring your funds to a qualifying Australian pension fund, such as Perpetual Select Super Plan (QROPS500668).

Please note that as a result of changes to UK pension rules affecting QROPS arrangements, we're placing a hold on the completion of any further paperwork with UK pension schemes until we have clarity around the impact of these changes. Additional information may be found here.

The Trustee and its Operations

Perpetual Select Super Plan is a product of Perpetual’s Select Superannuation Fund (ABN 51 068 260 563, RSE R1057034) (Fund). Perpetual Superannuation Limited (PSL) is the trustee of the Fund (Trustee) and the issuer of interests in the Fund.View all details for the Trustee and its Operations including executive remuneration.