Perpetual Select Investment Funds

Key features

  • Designed for investors who want a practical solution to easily manage and diversify their portfolio.
  • Choose from five single asset class funds and five multi-asset class (diversified) multi-manager funds.
  • $5,000 minimum initial investment.

Pay no initial contribution fee

When you invest in Perpetual Select Investment Funds directly with us, you receive a rebate equivalent to the value of the initial contribution fee from Perpetual Trustee Company Limited.

Easily create and diversify your investment portfolio

Select offers a range of investment options which have been designed to meet different investment objectives. This means you can easily create a portfolio by matching your own investment objectives with one or more of our options. You can choose from multi-asset class (diversified) options which offer diversification across asset classes, or single-asset class options which offer diversification within each asset class. View all investment options and performance

Benefit from Select’s multi-manager approach

Select’s multi-manager approach involves Perpetual choosing several specialist investment managers within each asset class to form each Select investment fund.

  • We do all the work. Our investment team rigorously selects each investment manager, decides the asset allocation and regularly reviews how to invest in each asset class based on the long-term objectives of each Select fund. 
  • Greater diversification. Combining investment managers with different investment styles and approaches diversifies your investment and means you are not relying on one manager for your investment performance. 
  • Consistency of returns. By blending managers we aim to help improve the consistency of returns across different market cycles. This helps to smooth out the performance of each Select investment fund.

Features to easily manage your investments

  • Online access
  • Dollar cost averaging
  • Regular savings plan
  • Invest via BPay or direct debit