Our retirement income solutions provide wide investment choice and flexibility to meet your needs.

  • Our pension plans provide an easy and flexible way to manage your investments and are designed to provide a tax-effective income stream during retirement.
  • Compare our products which offer a diverse range of investment options across all major asset classes and investment managers to suit your needs.
  • We have been recognised by industry awards including the 2013 AFR Smart Investor Blue Ribbon Awards Fund Manager of the Year & Morningstar Australian Fund Manager of the Year.

Retirement income solutions at a glance

Retirement funds
Minimum investment Description More info
Perpetual WealthFocus Pension Plan
  • A flexible retirement income solution for investors seeking wide investment choice. 
  • Designed to provide a regular income and/or lump sum withdrawals. 
  • Create your own portfolio from over 75 investment options across major asset classes, managed by Perpetual and other highly rated investment managers.
Perpetual WealthFocus Wholesale Pension Plan
  • The same benefits as listed above for WealthFocus Pension Plan apply.
  • Designed for members seeking wide investment choice and willing to receive all statements electronically.


Perpetual Select Pension Plan
No minimum
  • A practical solution for investors who want an easy way to manage and diversify their retirement investments. 
  • Designed to provide a regular income and/or lump sum withdrawals. 
  • Choose from 10 multi-manager investment options to match your investment objectives