Ramaciotti Health Investment Grants

Ramaciotti Health Investment grants of up to $150,000 are awarded to individuals in universities, public hospitals or institutes for a contribution towards the undertaking of health or medical research with the potential path to clinical application within five years. A Health Investment grant is intended to provide enabling research support for an autonomous early career investigator who is taking, or has recently taken, a substantive position.

Grants are awarded by Perpetual, Trustee of the Foundations, on the recommendation of a dedicated Scientific Advisory Committee.

Ramaciotti Medal for Excellence in Biomedical Research

The Ramaciotti Medal is an annual award of $50,000. The Medal honours an individual who has made an outstanding discovery (or discoveries) in clinical or experimental biomedical research that has had an important impact on biomedical science, clinical science, or the way in which healthcare is delivered.

To be eligible for the Ramaciotti Medal, the greater part of the nominee's work leading to the discovery (or discoveries) must have been conducted in Australia and they must still be actively engaged in this work.

The applicant must be peer nominated and the final recipient is selected based on a recommendation by the Ramaciotti Foundations Scientific Advisory Committee to Perpetual. Many past winners are highly regarded individuals in the top echelon of the biomedical research industry.

Previous Ramaciotti medal winners

Ramaciotti Biomedical Research Award

This $1 million grant is awarded every two years to a group or individual undertaking biomedical research within universities, public hospitals, medical research institutes or other similar organisations.

The award funds projects including personnel, equipment, major infrastructure improvements or new laboratories that help an existing, well-funded program of research or enable a major new program to begin. Traditionally, it funds a need that would not attract funding elsewhere.

The Ramaciotti Scientific Advisory Committee helps Perpetual select the winner from nominations received.

The Ramaciotti Biomedical Research Award will next be presented in 2015 and is currently open to submissions from all states (excluding NSW).

Previous Ramaciotti Biomedical Research Award recipients

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