Perpetual Portfolio Service

Perpetual Portfolio Service (the Service) offers a complete investment solution – wide investment choice with a comprehensive administrative and reporting service.

Key features

  • Designed for investors who want full control of their investments, but want to outsource administrative, compliance or regulatory aspects of managing their portfolio(s).
  • Full administrative and reporting service across your entire portfolio.

How the Service works

The Service provides access to a wide choice of investments which are administered on your behalf. You make all the investment decisions, while we carry out your instructions and take care of the administration and reporting.

Hold your entire portfolio in one master account
The Service allows you to hold your entire portfolio of assets in one master account (see example below). It can hold your personal, super, joint and trust accounts and can also facilitate margin lending, if you require. This allows for us to easily administer your portfolio as all buying, selling, income tracking and reporting occurs in one place.

Benefits of using the Service

Wide investment choice
You can access a wide range of assets through the Service including wholesale and retail managed funds, Australian and international shares, fixed income securities and cash. You can also transfer existing assets into your account for us to administer.

Retain control while outsourcing the administration
You (and your financial adviser if you wish) make the investment decisions including what to buy, sell, retain and transfer, and through which structure. We’ll carry out your instructions promptly and accurately relieving you of the administrative burden of managing your investments directly.

Receive consolidated reporting
You’ll receive detailed and concise reporting across your entire portfolio and separate accounts. This includes portfolio reports, consolidated tax statements and financial year summaries.

Access our capital gains tax (CGT) reconstruction service
If you don’t have accurate and up-to-date CGT records for any of your assets, we can reconstruct your records from the date you acquired each asset. The revised information will help you better determine how selling particular assets will affect your tax position going forward. Our CGT service is optional and at an additional cost.

Additional features

  • Online account access
  • Online share trading 
  • Regular savings plans
  • Invest via BPay


Need advice

If you are interested in the Perpetual Portfolio Service, we recommend you contact Perpetual Private.

Ways to invest

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