For over 120 years, Perpetual has helped individuals, families and companies contribute to the health and well-being of others through philanthropic endeavours.

A century of service

We first began providing trustee services in the late 19th century when prosperous Australians began creating charitable endowments. Today we are Australia’s largest manager of philanthropic funds, including acting as trustee for over 400 charitable trusts with over $1.1 billion in funds. We have helped establish and managed trusts for medical, social, environmental, religious, cultural and educational purposes.

A leader in philanthropy

We are a leader in improving the quality of philanthropy in Australia through our breadth of services, as well as through commissioning research and conducting discussion forums on key issues for the sector.

We place a particular emphasis on improving leadership and management of non-profit organisations and their ability to make a sustainable contribution for the long-term benefit of society.

Sustainable giving and funding

We are committed to helping develop more sustainable giving, investing and funding programs. This model of philanthropy can provide a stable stream of financial support over the long term through all economic conditions.

We help individuals, families and organisations structure giving programs to maximise thier involvement and impact in making a positive contribution to the community.

We also help charitable and non-profit organisations to maximise their financial resources and become more effective by investing and managing their funds. This includes investment advice and management, comprehensive legal, tax, compliance and reporting services, and research and strategic advice on distributing funds to maximise their positive impact.

Staff giving program

We actively support a number of charities through our own staff giving program for which we match staff contributions dollar-for-dollar, and by encouraging staff volunteering.

The Perpetual Foundation

In 1998, we established the Perpetual Foundation, to provide a way for our business, our staff and clients to contribute to improving the lives of others. The Foundation is structured in a way that enables specific endowments to be established in their own name. Our staff have an account, with all their donations matched by Perpetual.

We provide research and advice to ensure funds are strategically invested and distributed to maximise their positive impact and that they are used as intended.

The Perpetual Foundation supports a range of charities and causes, a key objective is to direct funds towards charitable projects that focus on preventative measures and education, and projects that address the root cause of problems, rather than providing short-term remedies.

Ultimately, the Foundation aims to increase the capacity of communities and individuals to strengthen themselves and become more self-reliant.

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