Native Title Trusts

A specialist service for indigenous groups

At Perpetual, we are committed to assisting Indigenous groups maximise their financial resources and become more effective in the community. Our service is designed to optimise and prudently manage native title trusts.

Perpetual is committed to making a difference to the communities it works with. We act as your trusted partner, working with you to meet your goals and are committed to building long term relationships with you and the community.

It is the unique combination of our long term experience, breadth of knowledge, fiduciary background and investment management capability that makes Perpetual a leading Professional Trustee. We can accept both initial appointments and act as replacement trustee.

We can help you with:

  • Specialist investment management
  • Establishment of the appropriate charitable trust to meet the long term needs of the community
  • Investment policy statement development
  • Continual enhancement of our understanding and knowledge of the Indigenous groups that we work with, including cultural awareness training
  • Our commitment to produce positive outcomes

Would you like to know more?

Phone John Hender, National Manager Native Title Trusts and Investments, Perpetual Private on 0413 451 839.