Nita B Kibble Literary Awards for Women Writers

Amongst some of Australia's most prestigious awards for women writers, the Nita B Kibble Literary Awards (the Kibble Awards) aim to encourage Australian women writers to improve and advance literature for the benefit of our community.

The Awards recognise the works of women writers of fiction or non-fiction classified as 'life writing'. This includes novels, autobiographies, biographies, literature and any writing with a strong personal element.

The Kibble Literary Award recognises the work of an established Australian woman writer while the Dobbie Literary Award recognises a first published work from an Australian woman writer.

2015 winners announced

Perpetual, as trustee of the Nita B Kibble Literary Awards for Women Writers, has today announced the shortlist authors for the 2015 Kibble and Dobbie Awards.

Kibble Literary Award for an established author

Joan London, 'The Golden Age' - Vintage Australia

Dobbie Literary Award for a first time published author

Ellen van Neerven, 'Heat and Light' - University of Queensland Press

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