Perpetual WealthFocus Investment Advantage

Perpetual Global Share Fund

Fund Manager: Perpetual Investment Management Limited
Commencement Date: May 1995
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Suggested Length of Investment

7 years or longer

Investment Objective

Aims to provide investors with long-term capital growth through investment in quality global shares and outperform the MSCI World Net Total Return Index ($A) (before fees and taxes) over rolling three-year periods.

On 30 January 2015 Perpetual appointed its in-house equities team for the ongoing management of the Perpetual Global Share Fund. Performance prior to this time was that of the former investment managers.

Performance as at 30/06/2015

Returns as at 30/06/2015

Time Period Total (%) Distribution (%) Growth (%)
1 month -2.33 1.34 -3.66
3 month 1.48 1.39 0.09
6 month 12.14 1.53 10.6
1 year p.a. 25.77 1.72 24.05
3 year p.a. 22.85 0.71 22.14
5 year p.a. 12.16 0.62 11.54
10 year p.a. 4.26 0.38 3.87

Returns have been calculated using exit prices after taking into account all ongoing fees, and assuming reinvestment of distributions. No allowance has been made for entry fees, exit fees or where applicable taxation. Future returns may bear no relationship to the historical information displayed. The returns shown represent past returns only and are not indicative of future returns of a Fund. Returns on a Fund can be particularly volatile in the short term and in some periods may be negative.

Investment Details

Min. Initial Investment $2,000
With Savings Plan
Min. Initial Investment $1,000
Monthly Minimum Nil
Min. Additional Investment $1,000


Frequency Half Yearly
Dates 30 June & 31 December

Investment Guidelines

Cash 0 - 25%
International shares 75 - 100%


Entry Fee up to 4%
Exit Fee Nil
Management Cost (p.a.) 2.05%
Buy/Sell spread 0.5% / Nil

Performance fees may apply.

Investment Approach

Perpetual Investments aims to achieve the above objectives by adopting a "bottom-up" stock selection approach to investing, where the decision to buy or sell is based on fundamental quality and valuation. The portfolio is constructed within a framework that is independent of the benchmark in terms of stock, sector and country weights. Added value is expected to come from the Portfolio Manager's high conviction approach to stock selection.

The currency exposure of the Fund is typically unhedged, although currency hedging may be used to protect investments at the discretion of the investment manager.

Derivatives may be used in managing the Fund.