Perpetual’s managed funds invest in all major asset classes – shares, fixed income, cash and property. We have developed a strong reputation for delivering consistent results over the long term. Perpetual’s principles and processes are deeply ingrained in every member of the team, and they are totally focused on producing the best outcomes for you.

perpetual morningstar awards

For the second year running, Perpetual Investments has been named Australian Fund Manager of the Year by Morningstar in the Morningstar Awards 2014.

The Morningstar Australian Fund Manager of the Year represents the Australian fund manager that, in Morningstar's opinion, has achieved the highest level of funds management excellence.

   See more information on the awards we received.

Key features of our funds

  • No initial contribution fee on many of our managed funds when you invest directly with Perpetual*.
  • Easily manage your investments with features such as online access, regular savings plans and auto-rebalancing or by using our investment administration service.
  • Our choice of managed funds offers access to all major asset classes, managed by Perpetual and other leading investment managers.

Investment products at a glance

Managed funds
Minimum investment Description                                                                      View all managed funds
Perpetual Wholesale Funds
  • Designed for investors who seek to benefit from substantially lower fees for initial investments of $25,000 or more.
  • Choose from a range of single and multi-asset class funds managed by Perpetual.
 Perpetual WealthFocus Platform

Perpetual WealthFocus Investment Advantage

  • Designed for investors seeking wide investment choice with more than 75 investment options across all major asset classes. 
  • Offers unique tax advantages – no capital gains tax when switching investment options and on partial withdrawals. 
  • Investment options to suit different investor risk profiles from both Perpetual and external fund managers.The same benefits as listed above for WealthFocus Investment Advantage apply. 

Perpetual WealthFocus Wholesale Investment Advantage

  • The same benefits as listed above for WealthFocus Investment Advantage apply.
  • Designed for investors seeking wide investment choice and willing to receive all statements electronically.


Perpetual Select Investment Funds
  • Designed for investors who want a practical solution to easily manage and diversify their portfolio.
  • Choose from five single asset class funds and five multi-asset class (diversified) multi-manager funds.
  • Pay no initial contribution fee when you invest directly with us.
Perpetual Cash Management Fund
  • Designed for investors seeking a cash fund with regular income and capital stability.
  • Invests in deposits, money market and fixed income securities.
  • Same day processing of withdrawals
  • $2,000 minimum initial investment.

Structured products
Perpetual Protected Investments More Info
  • Series 1, 2 and 3 are now closed to new investors.

Our structured products are only available through a financial adviser. If you have any questions we recommend you speak to your financial adviser.

Investment administration
Perpetual Portfolio Administration Service More Info
  • Designed for investors who want full control of their investments, but wish to outsource administrative, compliance or regulatory aspects of managing their portfolio(s). 
  • Access a wide of choice of investments which we administer on your behalf (or have us administer your existing investments). 
  • Receive consolidated investment and tax reporting across your entire portfolio.


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*Where an an initial contribution fee is payable on managed funds, investors who invest directly with Perpetual receive a rebate equivalent to the value of the entry fee from Perpetual Trustee Company Limited or another Perpetual company.