DIY super funds

Who are DIY super funds suitable for?

DIY super fund may be appropriate if you:

  • Have $300,000 or more to invest in super 
  • Want more control and flexibility over your super investments 
  • Have the time and resources to manage your own fund and its investments

What types of DIY super funds are available?

There are two types of DIY super funds, self managed super funds (SMSF) which are regulated by the Australian Taxation Office, and small APRA funds (SAF) regulated by the Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority.

Self-managed super fund (SMSF) Small APRA fund (SAF)
Your role
  • You and up to three other members, are trustees of your SMSF and have overall responsibility for compliance, operation and management of the fund.
  • You and up to three others are members of your SAF. A professional trustee (such as Perpetual) has overall responsibility for the compliance, operation and management of the fund.
Key benefit
  •  Flexibility to create your own investment strategy and have full control over investment decisions.
  •  Peace of mind as the professional trustee oversees all aspects of your SAF to ensure it remains compliant.
 Suitable if you....
  • Want to have full control of your super investments
  • Have the time and resources to manage your fund’s investments, administration and compliance 
  • Are willing to accept the legal responsibilities of being trustee.
  • Want to have a high level of control of your investment decisions 
  • Want a DIY super fund without the added responsibility of being a trustee 
  • Are an existing SMSF trustee who no longer wants to or is unable to undertake trustee responsibilities

Things to consider

A DIY super fund can be time consuming and a significant legal responsibility – do you have the time and resources to manage your own fund? 

Some investments are not allowable – do you have the knowledge and time to stay up to date with legislation and regulations? 

Good financial advice and administration services can help you manage your DIY super fund.

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