Annual reports 2014

Each fund issues an annual report. You will find reports for investment, superannuation, and retirement funds grouped here. These reports are for each fund, not for Perpetual.

Our most recent corporate reports: 


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Perpetual Active Fixed Interest Fund

Perpetual Australian Share Fund

Perpetual's Balanced Growth Fund No.2

Perpetual Cash Management Fund

Perpetual Charitable & Community Investor Fund

Perpetual Charitable Endowment Fund

Perpetual Credit Income Fund

Perpetual Income Opportunities Fund

Perpetual Diversified Income Fund

Perpetual Diversified Real Return Fund

Perpetual Exact Market Cash Fund

Perpetual Growth Opportunities Fund

Perpetual High Grade Treasury Fund
(Previously known as Perpetual's Credit Enhanced Cash Fund)

Private Investor Mortgage Fund

Perpetual Monthly Income Fund

Perpetual Pure Credit Alpha Fund

Perpetual Pure Equity Alpha Fund

Perpetual Pure Equity Yield Fund

Perpetual Pure Microcap Fund

Perpetual Pure Value Share Fund

Perpetual Secured Private Debt Fund No. 1

Perpetual's Term Fund

Perpetual Premium Treasury Fund
(Previously known as Perpetual's Credit Enhanced Cash Fund (AA))

Perpetual Protected Investments - Series 1

Perpetual Protected Investments - Series 1 (wind up)

Perpetual Protected Investments - Series 2

Perpetual Protected Investments - Series 3

Perpetual Resource Fund

Perpetual Resource Fund (wind up)

Perpetual Private Investment Funds (Previously known as Perpetual Select Investment Funds)

Perpetual WealthFocus Investment Advantage Fund

Perpetual WealthFocus Investment Funds

Perpetual Wholesale Australian Fund

Perpetual Wholesale Balanced Growth Fund

Perpetual Wholesale Concentrated Equity Fund

Perpetual Wholesale Conservative Growth Fund

Perpetual Wholesale Diversified Growth Fund

Perpetual Wholesale Dynamic Fixed Income Fund

Perpetual Wholesale Ethical SRI Fund

Perpetual Wholesale Geared Australian Fund

Perpetual Wholesale Industrial Fund

Perpetual Wholesale International Share Fund

Perpetual Wholesale Monthly Income Fund

Perpetual Wholesale SHARE-PLUS Long Short Fund

Perpetual Wholesale Smaller Companies Fund

Perpetual Wholesale Smaller Companies Fund No. 2

Perpetual Wholesale Split Growth Fund

The Trust Company Cash Fund

The Trust Company Bond Fund

The Trust Company Diversified Property Fund

The Trust Company Income Fund

The Trust Company Australian Share Fund

The Trust Company Share Imputation Fund

The Trust Company Philanthropy Fund

Superannuation and Retirement

Perpetual Private Super Wrap

Perpetual Select Super Plan

Perpetual Select Pension Plan

Perpetual's Pooled Super Trust

Perpetual WealthFocus Super Plan

Perpetual WealthFocus Pension Plan

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