Perpetual's WealthFocus platform

Perpetual WealthFocus is a diverse and flexible platform designed for easy management of your clients’ portfolios.

Key features

  • Wide investment choice.
  • Access all major asset classes and leading investment managers.
  • For investment, super and retirement money.

Investment: WealthFocus Investment Advantage

Offers unique CGT features (including the ability to switch between investment options without triggering CGT) - backed by an ATO product ruling (PR 2008/62). Find out more.

Super: WealthFocus Super Plan

Includes an improved insurance offering - our premiums for death and TPD make this cover one of the most competitively priced packages in the market. For super and rollover money. Find out more.

Retirement: WealthFocus Pension Plan

Provides a flexible and easy to use pension income solution. Find out more.

For more information

Contact your Perpetual Platforms Business Development Manager.


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