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As volatility continues in investment markets – with market rallies one week offset by structural challenges the next – investors are looking for guidance.

Perpetual hosted the Investment Series in May and June 2013 to provide advisers with the opportunity to hear first-hand from our portfolio managers and investment specialists. At these briefings, our panel of investment experts presented an economic outlook, along with developments in various asset classes and Perpetual’s view on investment markets.

Against the backdrop of market volatility coupled with positive investor sentiment, we took a closer look at the state of the markets and provided tools for portfolio construction and practical insights for investing into 2014.


Article Presentation
Investment markets: Current views, directions forward
Matt Sherwood, Head of Investment Markets Research
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Equities: Individual opportunities, collective wisdom
Matt Williams, Head of Equities
Charlie Lanchester, Deputy Head of Equities
Paul Skamvougeras, Portfolio Manager, Equities

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Fixed income: Portfolio construction in evolving markets
Vivek Prabhu, Senior Portfolio Manager, Fixed Income

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