Estate administration

Relieve your family of the emotional burden

Estate administration is the complex task of executing a person’s will after they pass away. This includes carrying out the deceased’s wishes according to the will, gathering and safeguarding their assets, preparing legal documents, communicating with beneficiaries and distributing the assets.

As a professional trustee and estate administrator, Perpetual can give you peace of mind and relieve you or your family of these duties through our flexible service options. We have a team of professionals who manage all types of estates, from simple wealth transfers to more complex estates involving trusts.

We can help you with:

  • Appointing a future executor of your estate

You can name us as executor in your will. We will help ensure your estate is transferred according to your wishes and manage all the legal, tax and administrative tasks.

  • Administering someone’s estate

We can help you fulfil your executorial duties, provide advice as needed and carry out tasks such as preparing of accounts and lodging legal documents.

  • All of your executorial duties by transferring them to us

If you are named as executor and are unable to accept the responsibility, we can take on the role of executor of the estate. We will keep you informed of the progress of the administration without you having to accept the personal obligations and liabilities as executor.

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