Compensation payments

Protecting our clients' interests since 1886

People who have been awarded compensation by a court for an accident or serious injury often rely on that payment to provide income for ongoing medical and lifestyle expenses for the rest of their life.

As a trustee company since 1886, Perpetual has the experience and expertise to fulfil the role of trustee and financial manager. We can help ensure compensation payments are safeguarded and invested appropriately to provide financial support over the long term.

Why choose Perpetual to safeguard and manage your payment?

  • Our duty of care. As a professional trustee, we have the highest duty of care to safeguard your interests. This means your needs are our priority and we will tailor a financial plan accordingly.
  • Dedicated and ongoing service. You will have a dedicated relationship manager to help you (and your family or carers) manage your compensation payment, help provide for your lifestyle or make modifications to your home. You can also access a team of specialists in compensation payments and investment matters.
  • Our experience. Our long history has given us the experience and knowledge to manage compensation payments with care and expertise. We currently manage clients with a diverse range of circumstances.

Working with your solicitor or lawyer

When a compensation payment is being finalised in the Court, you may be able to nominate your preferred trustee (such as Perpetual) to manage your compensation payment. Perpetual can be appointed as a trustee, an administrator or a financial manager, depending on which state you live in. We can work closely with you and your lawyer to advise how best to safeguard the payment over the long term. We may also need to provide the details about how we will do this to the Court.

When a Court appoints Perpetual

When a Court appoints Perpetual to manage your compensation payment, this means we will work with you to determine a financial plan for the future. This will include deciding how to invest the payment in a way that will help provide for your needs such as daily living costs, medical care or housing modifications. Where necessary, we will also work with any state authorities that are involved in helping you.

How we safeguard compensation payments

To help ensure a compensation payment can last and provide for you over the long term, we invest the funds taking your financial needs into account. When the funds are invested, they have potential to grow in value and earn income over the long term. Perpetual can then use this income to help fund your lifestyle needs, medical care and other requirements. How we do this depends on your individual situation.

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